Data Analytic Developer

From junior to principle, our Data Analytic Developers typically perform either streaming or MapReduce big data analytic development models. Using state of the art tools, developers work across multidisciplinary agile development teams creating business value to our customers. At JCJ we pride ourselves with our many years of experience that helps shapes success in answering a business question and the close relationship our data analytic developers have with system engineering.


Web Developer

JCJ takes an approach with web developers that aligns each employee with their current strength while orienting them toward their career or development goals.  Web development platforms are diverse, as are the technologies:  from front end scripting, endpoint development, data ingest and serialization, object CRUD operations and database processing.  JCJ understands how to apply our human resources effectively to help bring our customers business value.


User Experience (UX)

Our UX professionals align themselves across multidisciplinary teams and support full end to end development. This includes stakeholder input, design implementation, requirement decomposition and validation, and software "view" development. UX professionals are indispensable members of their agile development teams throughout all phases of systems development.


Development Operations "DevOps" Engineer

A combination of system administration, systems engineering, and software development, JCJ is paving the way in molding our engineers to be specialized in the field of development operations.  Development operations engineers help a project move from a foundational software development lifecycle to full automation. This may include continuous integration, continuous build, and even continuous deployment.

System Administration

JCJ system administrators support both operational roles and system development roles.  Utilizing their experience in virtual machine management, active directory control, LDAP, and other control mechanisms, our system administrators support both infrastructure and project level access.