Health, Dental, & Vision


Individual and Family plans are available under Carefirst Blue Cross Blue Shield and coverage begins on the first day of employment.  JCJ offers several different plans ranging from 95% employer paid to plans where JCJ pays the majority of monthly premiums with a nominal employee contribution. 


JCJ provides individual and family dental coverage through Carefirst Blue Cross Blue Shield. 


JCJ provides individual and family plans provided through Carefirst Blue Cross Blue Shield.

Health Savings Plan

A HSA is a tax-advantaged medical savings account.
JCJ provides a $1000 HSA to employees who participate in the medical health plan

Flexible Savings Plan

FSP offers the opportunity to pay medical and dependent care qualified benefits on a pre-tax basis. Maximum allowances: $2,500 for medical (out-of-pocket) and $5,000 for dependent care expenses

Life Insurance and AD&D

All monthly premiums covered at no cost to the employee.
Group Life Insurance provided by US Life Insurance.

Life Insurance Benefit = 1x annual earnings up to a $200,000 max.

Short Term & Long Term Disability

All monthly premiums covered at no cost to the employee.


Immediate vesting

3% of monthly salary into 401K plan through a safe harbor contribution and 7% of monthly salary into profit-sharing plan for a total of up to 10%.  No employee contribution required to receive this benefit.

Employee can contribute maximum allowed by IRS.

Work Schedule

JCJ Consulting offers a flexible work schedule. Customer and contract requirements do drive overall flexibility sometimes, but management at JCJ Consulting will work with employees to provide maximum flexibility within contract and customer requirements.

Tuition Assistance & Training

Training is an important part of every employee's career growth. JCJ Consulting understands this, and therefore will provide $5,000 a year to each employee for tuition, certifications, and other training.

Paid Time Off

Years of Experience:  Days of PTO

0-5 years :  15 Days
    6 years : 16 Days
     7 years: 17 Days
     8 years: 18 Days
     9 years: 19 Days
   10 years: 20 Days
  11 years:  21 Days
  12 years:  22 Days
  13 years:  23 Days
   14 years: 24 Days
15+ years: 25 Days

PTO accrual begins on the first day of employment.

PTO accrues at two days for every month worked and becomes available for use after the first full month of employment (full time employees only) PTO may be used in half hour increments.

Maximum yearly accrual is 25 days for employees with 15 or more years of applicable experience.

Maximum calendar year carry over is 160 hours, any balances exceeding that yearly carryover will be automatically cashed out and paid to the employee. Employees have the option to “cash out” PTO.

*Employees receiving 25 days of leave receive 8 hours of leave of their first day of employment.


Full-time employees receive all 10 approved federal government holidays. Holidays are taken in half-hour increments. Unused holidays are forfeited at end of year