Principal System Engineer

Our principal system engineers help shape the industry identity of the systems engineering role within a multidisciplinary project team.  We routinely work with our customers to increase the visibility and value of the system engineering discipline while holding our peers accountable for high performance.

As leaders in their field, our principal systems engineers are mentors to all. Performing throughout the production lifecycle, from requirements analysis through system decommission, JCJ's principal systems engineer apply streamlined processes that focus on business value and a reduced time to market. 



Senior System Engineer

Our senior systems engineers actively support projects for our customers as leaders in the field. They utilize their experience in combination with JCJ System Engineering, Development Operations, and Agile methodologies to ensure consistent results and excellent performance.

Mentored by JCJ Principle Engineers, our senior systems engineers will always have a support line when needed.  Our culture of inclusion engages our senior systems engineers for feedback and input into our corporate methodologies and systems engineering guidance.


Junior System Engineer

Junior systems engineers at JCJ find the inclusive culture and systems engineering support brings them considerable value in helping them shape their success.  Junior systems engineers will find many opportunities to add value to our customers immediately while learning the skills that makes them marketable in industry.

Our mentorship program pairs each junior team member with a support system; empowering success on their career journey. Our goal is to make you successful and give you the tools to maximize your potential.