Who is JCJ Consulting?

JCJ Consulting LLC is an Information Technology Consulting firm that is dedicated to building partnerships with our customer to provide value added successful outcomes. Our team, while small, has over 80 years of combined experience and a proven track record in areas such as Systems Engineering, Program Management, Cloud Computing, Machine Learning and Big Data Analytics.

JCJ Consulting was founded in 2014, and our goal is to grow in a way that allows us to maintain our customer and employee-focused culture.  In addition to looking for new employees to meet our existing customer needs, we are also interested in expanding our customer roster. 

The leadership of JCJ Consulting has considerable experience in recruiting, hiring, training, and most importantly retaining experienced, skilled and motivated employees.  Our deep  understanding of skills required to design, develop, deploy and maintain complex systems, within time and budget constraints, provides us with the background needed to find and hire top quality professionals.  We look for conscientious, dedicated professionals who are passionate about solving problems and improving processes. 

This approach guarantees that our employees have proven track records not only in their technical fields, but they also have the qualities necessary to seamlessly integrate with existing teams and provide immediate value to our customers.

We are hiring!

At the core of every technology company is the team of skilled employees. JCJ Consulting understands this and provides a generous and competitive benefits package. We are currently looking for experienced Java developers, Mongo database experts, and skilled system engineers. If you would like to hear more, please send an email to info@jcjconsult.com.